We have completed hundreds of projects for dozens of clients used by millions of users.
These are a few of our favorites:

Custom projects



A retail sector investor approached us with a request for an urgent replacement. The reason was the failure to meet the deadlines by the company that was originally assigned with a contract.


At GRUPA FORMA we have a database of trusted contractors from various production sectors. This allowed us to kick off works immediately and efficiently implement the scope in a short time. As a result, our client’s salon was opened without delay, and we have gained a long-term business partner.



An investor from the public utility buildings sector commissioned us to build benches with complex shapes to be placed at underground stations in Warsaw.
The large size of the furniture meant problems with transport and assembly, especially in crowded parts of the capital.


Thanks to close cooperation with designers supervising the project on investor’s side, our team developed the technical documentation of the furniture. The final product not only met the visual expectations – the well-thought-out design allowed for efficient transport and assembly.
Our team of contractors, having an advanced machine park at their disposal a, stood up to the task, despite the fact that both the material from which the benches were to be made as well as their shape and the connection system were very demanding.
The experience of our engineers and close cooperation with the investor and the contractor have resulted in an implementation that can be enjoyed by thousands of people in Warsaw.



The designer, with whom we have been cooperating for many years, worked on the interior plan of the public building. The problem arose when the auditorium chair was chosen. The size and layout of the room made it impossible to choose an armchair from the range of catalog solutions.


We designed a brand new auditorium chair from scratch. We have tested its durability, fire resistance and acoustic qualities, as evidenced by obtaining appropriate certificates issued by qualified entities.
Finally, the jointly developed armchair appeared not only in this, but also in dozens of other cultural and educational institutions throughout Poland.

Several hundred successful implementations

1.Lpp SA
4.Deutsche Bank
5.Philip Morris
8. Siemens
9. Gazeta Wyborcza
10. Polskie Radio
11. XPO
12. Krakowski Kredens
13.Fitness Club Platinium
14.Rhenus Logistics
16. Piotr i Paweł
17. Totalizator Sportowy
18. Metro Warszawa
19. Uniwersytet Jagielloński


Some clients implement their own projects with us. However, if you are at an earlier stage – our designers and engineers will help you verify the project or create it from scratch.

Complex or limited scope

We are flexible. You decide which of our services you need during the implementation. We can approach the project as a whole or support it to the extent specified by you.

Have an idea already?

That’s great! We provide our clients with products according to individual, even the most unconventional projects.
We have access to all materials on the market, and we ourselves have a wide range of products from our brands. We will certainly find those best suited to the scope of the planned works and budget.